Knox County Jail Kids Christmas Gift Giving Event (Wrapping and Delivering of Gifts)

/Knox County Jail Kids Christmas Gift Giving Event (Wrapping and Delivering of Gifts)
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LIFE Ministry wants to invite you to join with us in a special Christmas tradition. The holidays can be an especially difficult time for families of inmates at the Knox County Jail. Parents are separated from their children and often the caregivers are taking care of up to 5 plus kids at a time! They need some love, encouragement and just a listening ear.

The KCJ Christmas Gift- Giving Event helps to bridge the gap between incarcerated parents and their children. Sign up sheets are given to men and women in the Knox County Jail. Each inmate provides THEIR gift desires and we do our absolute best to get exactly what they want their child to have. This is our 6th year partnering with PenBay Ministry and Lt Cindi Gardner to buy, wrap and deliver to these families. The gift truly is from their parent – Not LIFE or PenBay Ministry.


You can play a part in building strong family bonds. Here are 4 ways to do that:

  1. Donations – go to our donation page and give
    or send a check to: LIFE Ministry PO Box 1178 Rockland Maine 04841
  2. Shopping – We need teams of shoppers to buy the gifts for the children
  3. Wrapping – All gifts need to be wrapped before they are sent off to the kids
  4. Delivering- We deliver locally, and all over the state and sometimes even outside the state of Maine.

Sounds like fun, right?! Want to Participate?

Please contact Tanja Barbour to Volunteer in any or all of the areas needed! (207) 542-4419