Transitional Housing


Supports men coming out of jail and prison who have made the decision to follow Jesus Christ through providing:

  • Safe place to live
  • Christ Centered Community
  • Support with, probation, courts, DHHS, job hunting, etc
  • Spiritual Support through discipleship

12 Step Recovery Group

A Christian 12 Step Recovery group, based on Jesus as the higher power. A group focused on the Word of God.

Discipleships Groups

T-House Men’s Group, group for the transitional housing.

“I am Second” Group

Group designed to learn and grow in our knowledge of God and how to make Him First. www.iamsecond.com 

Partners/Community Collaborators

God, Jesus and L.I.F.E. Ministry have changed my life. I have peace. I was at the bottom, drinking, drugging, ignoring my family and landed in jail. Since coming to the ministry, I have found that anything is possible. I have been set free through love, hope and faith. The love for my God, myself and others, the hope for redemption and the faith it will happen. Now my soul and spirit is free. My family is slowly coming together. My Christian brothers and sisters are a tight knit group. Everyone I have come to know has blessed me. L.I.F.E is a blessing. I now seek peace with purpose. I could go on and on but I will end it with Love, that is God, God is love. I love that I found them, or they found me. Thank You L.I.F.E. Ministry.
Jeremy Olson
“My name is Michael Carver and I would like to share what L.I.F.E. Ministry has and continues to do in my life. Approximately two years ago I was saved. I knew of God, but I guess you could say I didn’t have a relationship with Him. Then L.I.F.E. Ministry came into my life and helped me to bridge the gap to God. They did this through their groups and by mentoring me. They have helped me become a better Christian and to really understand and know God. I thank God for putting them in my path. The empty hole I had is now filled with God and it is Awesome! I live and am experiencing a much better life. Thanks to L.I.F.E. Ministry doing what God called them to do, teach the word of God. Thank you.”
Michael Carver
I came to Life Ministry after doing 5 years in prison at Maine state prison for drug trafficking. I am originally from Brooklyn, NY and thought it would be best if I did not return there. My plans were to start over in Portland but GOD knew best. After doing all that time GOD knew I was going to need a safe environment to further my growth. This is exactly what GOD is doing here at Life Ministry. The word says that HE knew us from the time we were in my mother’s womb. He had a plan for our lives for good and not for evil. So as GOD restores our lives and paves the way ahead of us, we just submit our will to his will in our lives. I am truly blessed to be apart of something great that GOD is doing in mid-coast Maine. I pray that GOD sends more people to partner with us in what HE’S doing. Not just in finances but in prayer, time, services, in anyway GOD puts on there heart to help. GOD has given me the gift of bringing his presence here and I plan to be a good steward of that. May your will be done here in Rockland, in Maine, in the country and the whole world. As it is in HEAVEN.
Dunkins Pierre
My name is Clifton Wallace and I would like to start by saying to everyone that if you need help in life all you need to do is accept Jesus Christ into your life. I know most people will say that sounds crazy and dumb. I have spent my whole life in trouble with the law, in and out of jails, prisons, rehabs, and institutes. I have always been hooked on drugs, and alcohol. I have made mistake after mistake trying to fix my life but i have managed to do nothing but run myself in circles. The biggest problem was I always wanted to blame everyone else for my problems I though i could fix myself. One day after lying to myself over and over, I was introduced to some people who I was hesitant to meet because they were “religious” and into Jesus Christ. However, I decided to meet them. Their names are Jake and Tanja Barbour. They turned out to be the most wonderful, caring, forgiving, loving and most important God loving people I have ever met. They introduced me to God. They did not push him on me. They accept
ed me for who I was and let me find God myself. I was always known as the baddest of the bad. I was violent, argumentative, rambunctious, and just plain had no regard anyone but myself. I had a don’t give a damn attitude and people were always scared or intimidated by me. Jake and Tanja looked passed all that. They accepted me into L.I.F.E. Ministry. They put clothes on my back and food in my body. The loved me like I was part of their family when no one else wanted anything to do with me. God led me to their arms and they lovingly embraced me. I got down on my hands and knees the next morning by myself and prayed to God and asked that He show me that He was real. I wanted to feel what everyone else was feeling. That morning I went to church and oh boy did God show me! While we were singing, God’s spirit embraced my spirit and it was so wonderful that all I could do is cry. There are no drugs, no love, no hate that can ever begin to equal how great it felt to be embraced by the Holy Spirit of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ our one true God. I know without a doubt that I wanted a better life and all that L.I.F.E. Ministry had to offer. In the short time I have been a part of the L.I.F.E. Transitional House and the L.I.F.E. Ministry my life has taken a complete turn. I am happier now than I have ever been in my entire life. It just keeps getting better.
~ “One of God’s many devoted sons” ~ Clifton Wallace
Clifton Wallace
Dylan McAlpine
Moss McCole